Happy birthday!!

Today i have my blog for a year, it’s been a pleasure writing and composing new posts. So i could not leave it to write one today!


I’ve been thinking a lot about life and how to get what i want and how to be succesful. The truth is that it’s such a pressure to succeed and show society that you are making something of your life. Today i decided that life has it’s ups and downs and there will be success and there will be failure. Some days you will give it your all and some days you’ll just want to crawl in bed.


Happy people don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow. This is a beautiful way to stand in life, think about today, make today special and enjoy.


The one thing we get angry and sad about is that we didn’t do it. Regret, should’ve,would’ve,could’ve,… That’s why i want to jump in the adventure and be spontanious. That doesn’t need to be something big but giving yourself that little push. There’s a difference between you relaxing at home and hide yourself in your comfort zone. The more you get out there the more you learn, see, fail, laugh, cry, and feel alive.


Jump into the deep and enjoy it.



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