Monday Funday!


It’s Monday again!!! I notice it’s monday cause all the “I hate Monday” pics on facebook. I work in the weekend so I don’t really have that weekend hangover but it’s always kinda painful getting up on Monday.


Although Saturday isn’t all that joy eather. Think about it, when all of you are free, having a breakfast or still turning over to the other side of the bed, I’m attending all the people who want full service but then all at once. But on the bright sight the hours fly by and some days i’m off on Monday ūüėČ hehehe

But sometimes i’m not… and then the best way to get over it is to go to bed early on sunday. I know you want to cherish¬†every free minute you have but trust me you’ll be grateful in the morning. So take a nice hot shower put on a avocado face mask and take a¬†cherry stone pillow to bed for a good night rest. The next morning it will be easier but a lot more easier to wake up.


The most horrible thing on Mondays is giving up your freedom,¬†actually it’s more a thing of time management. So rise and shine and prepare yourself for a huge breakfast. I prefer to go out and eat breakfast that way you avoid the traffic jam, you’ll get a great parking spot and you don’t have to deal with the dishes.


Another¬†common mistake is the Monday diet, because monday is already pretty lame don’t choose to start your breakfast that day! I’ve tried this many times and every time it ends up with vanilla ice cream with brownie and extra chocolate sauce. So just make your monday¬†vanilla- ice- cream- with- brownie- and- extra- chocolate- sauce day and have something to look forward to.

1252c92be55b30f72bae3a3d3cc26e4aPrepare yourself, select your outfit in advance, you have all the time you need to select a stylish comfortable outfit. That way you don’t look like a hobo, like you just grabbed the first thing you could find in the dark. Go for nikes in stead of high heels¬†particularly when you’re on your feet all day. Get organized and make sure you take a nice break. Don’t waist your time running to the sandwich bar but make yourself a delicious lunchbox with a sweet dessert.large-18¬†Do you have to travel a while to get to work, put some killer tracks on your ipod and make a little dance in your head or just on the street waiting for the bus.


Or you can always call in sick :p


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